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The extension of the Breastcheck programme will be completed in the next six years, when all females in that age group will have been invited for their first mammogram.
SAY "YES" TO THE TEST If you are invited to screening programmes such as BreastCheck, CervicalCheck or BowelScreen, say "yes".
Westhouse is currently developing a number of medical devices, including BreastCheck - a new low-cost, non-invasive breast cancer screening product which can act as a precursor to mammogram scanning.
This is of strategic importance as Westhouse prepare to launch BreastCheck - a revolutionary, non-invasive, breast cancer scanning device which could act as a pre-cursor to the mammogram.
have been selected exclusively to provide Digital Specimen Radiography equipment to BreastCheck clinics throughout Ireland.
BREASTCHECK has begun a programme of free X-rays in Meath this week.
The hypothesis is that BreastCheck will increase the sensitivity of monthly breast self-examination and boost patient compliance with the screening procedure by rendering it more objective.
The second-worst affected age bracket is 60 to 69, but the ICS said only half of these women were being protected by free BreastCheck scans.
In Ireland, the Government's national screening programme Breastcheck assists in the battle against the illness.
BreastCheck, which is the national free screening programme, currently extends to women aged between 50 and 64.
Research by Breastcheck found women hold different attitudes towards male and female radiographers.
The company recognizes that the previous paragraphs contain forward- looking statements relating to the companyis future activities, including timing related to the commencement of marketing activities for and the commercial sales of the BreastCheck, BreastExam and BreastView, Impress Softpatch, BEACON Technology System, and the CaverMap Surgical Aid, the timing related to regulatory clearance for these products, the size of the potential market for products based on such technology, coordination of products based on such technology with UroMed's other products, the company's expectations for third-quarter sequential growth in operating revenue and reduction of operating losses and the development of new products and the anticipated effects of the company restructuring and reorganization.