breast implant

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breast implant

the surgical placement of prosthetic material in a breast, either to increase the breast's size or for reconstruction after a mastectomy.
An inert sac filled with saline (formerly silicone), sometimes covered by polyurethane foam, which is inserted under anterior chest wall skin to augment or restore cosmetically the female contour or for post-mastectomy reconstruction
Complications Capsule contraction, implant rupture, hematoma, wound infection

breast implant

Plastic surgery An inert sac, once filled with silicone, now saline; some are covered by polyurethane foam, inserted under anterior chest wall skin to augment or restore cosmetically the ♀ contour or for post-mastectomy reconstruction; BIs may be associated with connective-tissue diseases–see there, or other disease–eg, autoimmune disorders–eg, Hashimoto's thyroiditis, PBC, sarcoidosis, CA  Complications Capsule contraction, implant rupture, hematoma, wound infection. See Biomaterials, Breast cancer, Cosmetic surgery, Silicone.

breast im·plant

(brest im'plant)
A form of mammillaplasty (q.v.) generally involving insertion of a nonphysiologic substance to enlarge the female breast for cosmetic purposes or in reconstruction of a breast that suffered surgical scarring during mastectomy.

Patient discussion about breast implant

Q. Does anyone know if its possible to get breast implants if i have an implanted defibrillator? I have hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. I'm 27 and in great health, I workout 6 days a week and I have no further symptoms.

A. Thanks for your help. In fact I have an appointment with my cardiologist in a couple of weeks and if he says its OOK I will definitely consult it with the plastic surgeon as well. However I always try to do some additional research on my own and get second opinions.
Ince again,

Q. Do any of you with FM have silicone breast implants, or have you ever had them? How about saline? My silicone implants expired on the surgeon's shelf before they went in my body. Both implants ruptured and disintegrated within 5 years of implantation. I was diagnosed with FM shortly after 2 surgeries to remove silicone goo. Just wondering if anyone else has made the connection. Thank you!

A. As far as I know several studies failed to prove there is a connection between rupture of breast implants and fibromyalgia, as did the FDA conclude. Indeed I heard about one study that found this connection, but it seemed like a very problematic one.

You can read about this subject here (

Q. I have hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and an ICD. Is it possible to get breast implants with an ICD? I have no further symptoms: I workout and run 6 days a week, in good shape and only 27 years old.

A. Some medical equipment can damage your ICD If you are visiting your doctor , tell him or her that you have an ICD BEFORE they do any testing or treatment.i'm pretty sure they'll find a creative way to do the implant.any way- before doing any procedure- ask the cardiologist that handles you about it.

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