Breast Ultrasonography

A diagnostic modality using ultrasound to evaluate the breasts for fibrocystic disease, masses, and cysts
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Preventive Services Task Force concluded that the current evidence was insufficient to assess whether adjunctive screening for breast cancer using breast ultrasonography, MRI, DBT, or other methods should be used in women with dense breasts.
Breast ultrasonography is an appropriate tool in the detection of cancer and should be included in the workup of symptomatic breast disease.
Bilateral breast ultrasonography showed lesions of heterogeneous low density, of which the contours were lobulated and poorly demarcated.
Hahn M, Krainick-Strobel U, Toellner T, Gissler J, Kluge S, Krapfl E, Peisker U, Duda V, Degenhardt F, Sinn HP, Wallwiener D, Gruber IV; Minimally Invasive Breast Intervention Study Group (AG MiMi) of the German Society of Senology (DCS); Study Group for Breast Ultrasonography of the German Society for Ultrasound in Medicine (DEGUM).
From the ultrasound part, we derive ultrasound reflection from the lesion in a manner superior to conventional breast ultrasonography, relating to anatomic features and extent of a tumor.
Evidence also was insufficient to make a recommendation on the benefits and harms of adjunctive screening for breast cancer using breast ultrasonography, magnetic resonance imaging, digital breast tomosynthesis, or other methods in women with dense breasts who had a negative screening mammogram.
Mammary hibernoma appears as a well-defined, uniformly echogenic mass on breast ultrasonography and the radiologic differential includes other fatty lesions such as lipoma, interlobular stromal fibrous tissue, fibrolipoma, fibroadenolipoma, and early fat necrosis.
Mammography in combination with breast ultrasonography versus mammography for breast cancer screening in women at average risk.
The recommended work-up and staging of invasive breast cancer includes: History and physical exam, a complete blood cell count, liver function tests, bilateral diagnostic mammography, breast ultrasonography if necessary; tumour ER and PR determinations, HER-2 tumour status determination and pathology review.
Contract awarded for Bidding: 110 Breast Ultrasonography Service Takes Patients From Health Centers.
7 years) who were seen during a 3-year period and had suspicious findings on mammography or breast ultrasonography.