Breakthrough Symptom

Any symptom—e.g., dyspnoea—in an asthmatic that 'breaks through' and manifests itself, despite adequate management
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However, this regimen was still inadequate because he had breakthrough symptoms prior to the next injection.
She is still on a low histamine diet due to the breakthrough symptoms.
This common mistake means they end up getting caught out with sudden, breakthrough symptoms and wrongly conclude that the drugs are not working.
Nausea appeared to be the most common problem (70%) whereas vomiting was the 3rd most common problem, which either appeared as breakthrough symptoms and/or symptoms relapsed after few hours of chemotherapy and these persisted for more than 24hours in majority of the patients after every cycle.
(3,4) In light of her breakthrough symptoms, I would revisit the history to determine whether she really has GERD or if something else is going on.
I had breakthrough symptoms in the middle of it, and my doctor just upped the medication.
We found that 860 patients had achieved complete relief of their symptoms and required no other treatment; the remaining 140 patients experienced a partial improvement and continued to use pharmacotherapy to control breakthrough symptoms. During skin testing, only one patient experienced a systemic reaction, which responded to subcutaneous epinephrine.
Of the 45% of respondents who said they take over-the-counter (OTC) treatment for their breakthrough symptoms, 58% indicated they do so without consulting their physician.
Long-acting injectable risperidone for relapse prevention and control of breakthrough symptoms after a recent first episode of schizophrenia: a randomized clinical trial.