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A facility that provides meals for homeless and other disenfranchised persons
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On Monday, a 24-year-old man known to suffer a heart condition died while waiting in a chaotic bread line outside a bakery in southern Egypt.
Already, 11 people have died in bread lines since early February, including a heart attack victim and a woman hit by a car while standing in a queue that stretched into the street, security sources said.
Statues by George Segal show people standing in bread lines, an anonymous Depression-era civilian listening to a fireside chat, and an impoverished rural couple.
This pattern was repeated in Bosnia Hercagovina, where targets included what Armanda describes as "women's spaces"--for instance, the tram and bus stations, bread lines, and market places of Sarajavo.
An investigation by Human Rights Watch claimed fighter jets targeted bakeries, bread lines and hospitals in the war-torn country's north.
The Pain Artisan factory has been built in two phases, the initial phase was the Artisan Bakery which has been fitted out with 3 automated bread lines. This in turn, now feeds the new Added Value Plant, which has 4 automated lines able to pack into Chilled or Frozen formats.
Overcrowded and overwhelmed emergency shelters, bread lines, hospitals, and morgues struggled to do too little too late for those who expected a quicker response.