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fiduciary (fidoo´shēerē),

n a person who has a duty to act primarily for another's benefit, as a trustee. Also, pertaining to the good faith and confidence involved in such a relationship.
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The difference between the recall of Elois Zeanah and her attempted recalls of Frank Schillo, Judy Lazar, Alex Fiore and Andy Fox is clear: She is guilty of malfeasance and breach of fiduciary responsibility.
From Farrakhan's legendary anti-Semitism to Chavis's legendary sexual transgressions, there have been enough examples of bad judgment, ethnic slurs, extreme misogyny, uncontained homophobia and old-fashioned breach of fiduciary responsibility to make them the media's top Black Leaders Everyone Just Loves to Hate.
If accepting an in-kind contribution is not "prudent," not "solely in the interest" of the plan's participants and beneficiaries, or would result in an improper lack of diversification of plan assets, the responsible fiduciaries would be liable for any losses resulting from such a breach of fiduciary responsibility, even if such a contribution does not constitute a prohibited transaction.