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(bră-zil'in), [C.I. 75280]
A red natural dye obtained from the bark of several species of tropical trees and oxidized to the active red dye brazilein; resembles hematoxylin in origin, chemistry, and usage; used as a nuclear stain and as an indicator (red in alkalies, yellow in acids).
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Brazilin (1), Brazilein (2) and Sappanone B (3) from the Chinese drug Sappan Lignum, the heartwood of Caesalpinia sappan L.
Lazaroni was the coach of the Brazilin national side during the 1990 World Cup tournament held in Italy where Brazil lost to the rival Argentina in the second round.
Because the bulk of Brazilin leaf production is high grown and often shade grown, and frequently organic, both certified and not, the trees grow slower than in Argentina and Paraguay.
McClaren is facing a hostile reception when he leads England out at the new pounds 760m stadium against Brazilin tomorrow's prestigious friendly.
He is also desperate to play against Brazilin England's first game at the new Wembley, then in the crunch European Championship qualifier with Estonia.
The International Court of Justice (ICJ), for instance, has ruled that international courts must recognize domestic law (see Serbian and Brazilin Loans Case, 1929), but the ICJ has also repeatedly upheld that international law necessarily supercedes domestic law in cases of conflict.
The Uruguayan is finally showing why Ferguson shelled out pounds 7million to land him from Independiente two years ago and his brace in the World Cup qualifier against Brazilin midweek further enhanced a glowing reputation.
Tie will return to China to face Brazilin a friendly international this week and Moyes is convinced his home fans will be impressed by what they see.
In what appears to be a rapist getting a dose of his own medicine, Inquisitr reported on Saturday that Daryell Dickson Meneses Xavier, a Brazilin jujitsu instruction, allegedly raped his eight-month-old stepson, Michael Star, who was confined on Sept 27 at the Anchieta Hospital but died two days after.
The advertisement for Hope lingerie shows Brazilain model Gisele Bundchen clad in a sexy underwear telling an unseen husband that she crashed their car, exceeded her credit card limit and even invited his mother to stay with them, which is teamed with a voiceover telling consumers "You're a Brazilin women - use your charm",