Brazilian spotted fever

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Bra·zil·ian spot·ted fe·ver

fulminating sepsis, usually beginning with conjunctivitis, characterized by purpuric skin lesions and a high fatality rate; thought to be due to Haemophilus aegyptius.
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These included Sable, the cause of Brazilian hemorrhagic fever, and Guanarito, the cause of Venezuelan hemorrhagic fever.
Infections and conditions requiring containment care during transport Arenavirus infection Argentine hemorrhagic fever (Junin virus) Bolivian hemorrhagic fever (Machupo virus) Brazilian hemorrhagic fever (Sabia virus) Lassa fever Venezuelan hemorrhagic fever (Guanarito virus) Bunyavirus infection Congo-Crimean hemorrhagic fever Filovirus infection Ebola Marburg Orthopoxvirus infection Monkeypox Variola Pneumonic plague until sputum cultures are negative Any unknown virulent communicable disease pending diagnosis Suspected biological-warfare--caused infection
Although not deployed, the team was on alert during 1994 for a laboratory-acquired Sabia virus infection (Brazilian hemorrhagic fever) at Yale University (19) and during the 1995 Ebola epidemic in the former Zaire.
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