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noun The cosmetic result of wax epilation of the bulk of a woman’s pubic hair.

Vox populi
adjective Referring to Brazil.

noun A person from Brazil.
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When Tereos took control of Acucar Guarani, the Brazilian company already had a board of directors made up not of family members but professional managers like those at Cosan and FBA, Duval says.
In this paper, the flattened Brazilian disc coefficient was used to measure the size of the flattened Brazilian disc plane instead of the loading angle.
When you witness the smells, sounds and sights of Brazilian Fire, you will experience the tradition loved by millions.
Finally, Lehnan's work represents the importance of innovative and challenging scholarship on Brazilian society being conducted outside of Brazil.
The DCU Center hosting two events targeted to the Brazilian community within weeks of one another was not specifically planned, but is evidence of the growing Brazilian population that live and work in the Central Massachusetts region," said Sandy Dunn, general manager.
Brazilian police on Friday officially charged two ExelAire Legacy 600 pilots with endangering aircraft safety in the Sept.
This depiction of the slave life and community in the Brazilian interior was fairly unique in the literature in 1992, though insights from the 1999 study by Kathleen Higgins on slave life in eighteenth-century Minas Gerais among other studies substantially add to our knowledge of Brazilian slave families.
Many Mexican companies in Brazil, he adds, now have Brazilian CEOs.
Of course, the positive effects of this major investment on Brazilian society were also emphasized.
practices, Brazilian TP methods: (1) only rely on "gray area" market research, performed by an officially recognized institution, company or technical publication that specifies the industry sector, period and companies researched, as well as the profit margins and data collected; and (2) do not provide for a feasible APA or similar procedure.

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