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noun The cosmetic result of wax epilation of the bulk of a woman’s pubic hair.

Vox populi
adjective Referring to Brazil.

noun A person from Brazil.
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"The website has always meant to be a powerful source of information and to fill in a gap in the diffusion of news about business and cultural interchange between Brazilians and Arabs,"
He provides translation services for official Brazilian naval correspondence, translating from both English to Portuguese and Portuguese to English.
"I worked with Brazilian players in every team I coached, and I enjoyed [them] a lot, everything they can give and also every problem they can create!
Known for their energetic and passionate style, the Brazilian dancers are guaranteed to bring some fun to Abu Dhabi and entice everyone to move to the rhythm.
ABIEC is showcasing three different cuts of Angus beef in the styles of Brazilian, Lebanese and African cuisines.
Though only in its second year of business, Brazilian Fire is quickly becoming South Florida's premier churrascaria food truck and catering company.
The flattened Brazilian test has been a popular method in recent years to determine the tensile strength of rock materials [15-19].
* A comparison of the Brazilian insurance industry with regional counterparts
The CJCSC also visited Brazilian Army Headquarters and called on General Eduardo Dias da Costa Villas Boas, Brazilian Army Commander, and Lieutenant Brigadier Nivaldo Luis Rossato, Brazilian Air Force Commander.
However, it was the Magpies who first brought a Brazilian to play on these shores, five years before the Premier League started.

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