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noun The cosmetic result of wax epilation of the bulk of a woman’s pubic hair.

Vox populi
adjective Referring to Brazil.

noun A person from Brazil.
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When you witness the smells, sounds and sights of Brazilian Fire, you will experience the tradition loved by millions.
The DCU Center hosting two events targeted to the Brazilian community within weeks of one another was not specifically planned, but is evidence of the growing Brazilian population that live and work in the Central Massachusetts region," said Sandy Dunn, general manager.
Brazilian police on Friday officially charged two ExelAire Legacy 600 pilots with endangering aircraft safety in the Sept.
Ask her to list her influences and they become too numerous to recount, ranging from Erik Satie to Kurt Weill to Fela Kuti, Billie Holiday, Bob Marley, Curtis Mayfield and, of course, Brazilian masters like Caetano Veloso.
For Metcalf the frontier provided a basis for the unequal social hierarchy of Parnaiba, depending upon access and control of the vast resources of the Brazilian wilderness.
This is the case with the disposable diaper producer Mabesa Brazil, whose president, Julio Bibas, is a Brazilian who spent two years in Mexico.
The Veracel inauguration was attended by Brazilian and foreign business executives, the Interim Minister of Industry and Commerce Ivan Ramalho, the Minister of Agrarian Development Miguel Rosseto, the Governor of Espirito Santo Paulo Hartung, the Finnish and Swedish ambassadors, and mayors from the region, among others.
practices, Brazilian TP methods: (1) only rely on "gray area" market research, performed by an officially recognized institution, company or technical publication that specifies the industry sector, period and companies researched, as well as the profit margins and data collected; and (2) do not provide for a feasible APA or similar procedure.
The Baja and Brazilian skulls exhibit telling similarities, the investigators say.
Future A-4 pilots will start their training with the Brazilian air force.
Unlike the need for clean drinking water and wastewater treatment infrastructure, the problem of production and disposal of solid waste hasn't yet received much attention from the Brazilian government.

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