Brazil Nut

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The oily seed of Bertholletia excelsa, the cream nut, which contains 100 µg selenium
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Brazil nut trees can reach 60 meters in height and two meters in diameter.
by transferring a gene encoding the high methionine 2S albumin from the Brazil nut tree to the cultivar 9341 by use of Agrobacterium tumefaciens (Townsend and Thomas, 1994, 1996).
In addition to these specializations, there is a species of moth that uses the Brazil nut tree exclusively to deposit its eggs and larvae to feed on the tree's leaves, which are also consumed by a species of fungi.
The Brazil Nut Tree is found typically in the northern area of Brazil.
It was soaring high over the rainforest canopy, hunting for food to give to its partner to feed the two chicks squawking in their nest wedged high in a brazil nut tree.
Castanha do Para, or Brazil nut tree (Bertholletia excelsa), is described as the tallest and most impressive tree in the Amazon forest.