Brazil Nut

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The oily seed of Bertholletia excelsa, the cream nut, which contains 100 µg selenium
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The selenium content of the Brazil nuts used in this study was analyzed by flame atomic absorption spectrometry, but according to other sources, the selenium content of Brazil nuts is much lower (50-80 [micro]g per nut).
Brazil nuts are an excellent source of mono-saturated fatty acids that help lower LDL or bad cholesterol and increase HDL or good cholesterol in the blood.
In the midst of this frontier country, the success of Brazil nut harvesting--a low-impact industry that relies on the maintenance of large tracts of intact forest and is largely managed by small local producers--might seem like a surprising anomaly.
Organic Brazil Nut Oil is growing in popularity as an ingredient for skin and hair care, thanks to its ability to nourish aging skin, protect the skin from moisture loss, and add shine to dry, damaged hair," said Kibby Mitra, chief executive officer of Natural Sourcing.
This is of great benefit for the growth of new Brazil nut trees.
egan inmates complained they were denied "ethically sourced" basics, including Brazil nuts, soap, chocolate and soya milk.
To avert the collapse of the Brazil nut industry, the researchers recommend close monitoring and careful management to encourage the establishment of younger trees.
Hoping to improve the nutritional value of a protein supplement for hogs and poultry, agricultural scientists spliced a gene from Brazil nuts into soybeans.
Scientists at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln said tests proved that soybeans modified with genes from Brazil nuts to produce a nutritious protein found in the nuts also produced proteins that set off a strong, potentially deadly allergic reaction in people sensitive to Brazil nuts.
English Crocante will be available in three different varieties--toasted sesame, roasted peanut and Brazil nut.
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