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Christian W., German anatomist, 1831-1892. See: Braune muscle, Braune valve.
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Sridhar is an experienced financial manager who will help strengthen our executive team as we continue to grow our company," said Braune.
G2C-RC is aimed at an under-served market needing consistent quality of results, super-fast runtimes, and confidence that new design tools will readily fit into existing flows and methodologies," adds Braune.
Braune joins Mentor Graphics from VLSI Technology where he was senior vice president and general manager of the company's Global Business Operations.
The former (the prophetic) was open to Enlightenment ideals and programmatic planning, while the latter (the apocalyptic) awaited a total break and an intervention by forces experienced as transcendent (see Nick Braune and Joan Braune, "Erich Fromm's Socialist Program and Prophetic Messianism", Radical Philosophy Review 12.
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BRAUNE, Sean, 'From Lucretian Atomic Theory to Joycean Etymic Theory', in Journal of Modern Literature, 33:4, pp.
Braune, (94) a 1936 Illinois case that is one of the most striking, dramatic antagonistic defenses cases from any jurisdiction in any decade.
Franziska Leinberger--dressage derby winner and Emily Braune on Only-Luna Properties Trophy-Youngest Participant.
Often the only clue to the ostensible subject matter comes via the titles, such as Lila und blaue Blatter (Purple and Blue Leaves), 2009; Grune, gelbe und braune Blatter (Green, Yellow, and Brown Leaves), 2008; or even more vaguely, Viele Blatter (Many Leaves), 2009.
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Oscatello 9g Woodman - Out The Black Rye Braune 7/02180- RPR 113h, 137c Could show a f a i r bit of improvement on last season's form, especially over fences.
Effects of signals from a MP handset on the BP of normal volunteers were first reported by Braune et al.