Brandt-Andrews maneuver

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Brandt-An·drews ma·neu·ver

(brahnt an'drūz mă-nū'vĕr)
The expression of the placenta by grasping the umbilical cord with one hand and placing the other hand on the abdomen, with the fingers over the anterior surface of the uterus at the junction of the lower uterine segment and the corpus uteri.
Synonym(s): Andrews maneuver.
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Brandt-Andrews maneuver

A technique for expressing the placenta from the uterus during the third stage of labor. One hand puts gentle traction on the cord while the other presses the anterior surface of the uterus backward.
See: Credé's method
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C.J., U.S. surgeon.
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Brandt-Andrews maneuver - see under Brandt, Thure


Thure, Swedish obstetrician and gynecologist, 1819-1895.
Brandt massage - a gynecologic massage used to correct the faulty position of the uterus. Synonym(s): Thure Brandt massage
Brandt-Andrews maneuver - method of delivering the placenta.
Thure Brandt massage - Synonym(s): Brandt massage
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