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a mark put on the skin of animals as a means of identification. In livestock several methods are used. Fire-branding with a hot iron is the traditional method for horses and cattle but is being supplanted by the much superior freeze branding. For sheep the branding of the surface of the fleece with tar or paint has been used for a long time but may have very damaging effects on the fleece and has been replaced by special branding formulations. See also tattooing.

brand cancer
a mass of granulation tissue at the site of a fire-brand. Is usually chronic inflammatory tissue.
brand register
a list of brands and owners maintained by a statutory authority to facilitate legal identification of animals.

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Q. What are the Brands of Sodium-phenobarbitone drug in Bangladesh?

A. maybe this link will help-

if not- i recommend asking an Indian pharmacist..

Q. I'm concerned that my calcium supplements are contaminated w seashells or cow bones. Which brands are best

A. there should be labeled as "from animal source".
here is something that helped me choose:

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Brandes' presentation, The Enduring Principles of Value Investing, will draw from his 40-plus years building a global value investment shop, and from his recent book, Brandes on Value: The Independent Investor.
Dr Brandes said: "Our research shows that coaches implement offensive strategy changes by means of substitutions, for example a striker for a defender, significantly more often if their teams are behind expectations than if their teams are not behind expectations.
We are delighted that Brandes choose MSCI indexes for these international and global strategies, said Diana Tidd, MSCI Managing Director.
It is important to identify yourself with a product, explains general manager York Brandes, sat smiling at the end of a long day on the Chedi Muscat stand at Arabian Travel Market.
I should state at the outset that all current and future scholars working on Heaney are greatly in debt to Brandes and Durkan for not only their work on the earlier reference guide, but also and most especially for this bibliography, which is readable, highly useful, and if not comprehensive, nearly so.
Brandes said his company has been planning the upgrades since it purchased White City last December, for more than $50 million.
Moving the ball away at genuine pace, Brandes had Nick Knight taken down the leg side by 'keeper Andy Flower.
Toler asked Brandes to verify that the work was exclusively for a perimeter fence around the facility, as many airport users and tenants have expressed concerns about a proposed interior fence.
McGrath had made the portly Brandes play and miss several times and was growing increasingly exasperated at his opponent's good fortune.
Sari Honig of Granada Hills, another Brandes patient, also takes Topamax, which she uses to treat epilepsy.
Seeing them "makes you believe in some kind of divine presence," Brandes said.
What about this legend from Zimbabwe's Eddo Brandes (cleaned up, of course)?