branching factor

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branch·ing fac·tor

1,4-α-glucan-branching enzyme.
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During the show and tell session, several workshop attendees showcased their latest work on strategy game AI, including a presentation from Unity Labs on building AI assets for Unity games, a report on the state of the art on the StarCraft 2 API (including the new Command Center open source StarCraft 2 bot), progress on [A.sup.*] search in large branching factor domains, and open-handed solvers for card games.
RTS games feature enormous branching factors. How can we devise techniques to guide the search using either hand-crafted or machine learned domain knowledge?
On synthetic search-tree models we explore the influence of three important factors on the occurrence of pathological behaviour: the granularity g of the heuristic, the branching factor b of the game tree and the similarity s of the nearby nodes.
They extended the original puzzle to allow additional diagonal moves and thus obtain a different branching factor for the search trees.
The paper shows the interplay between the lookahead pathology and three factors that affect it: the dependence of the sibling nodes in the search tree, the branching factor and the granularity of the heuristic function.
The software also supports Mark-Houwink-Sakurada parameters and an optional branching factor for reporting polymer molecular weight.
Deep Blue's branching factor at each move (or ply) averages perhaps four or five, after allowing for various procedures, like the alpha-beta algorithm and special continuations that are selectively incorporated into the search.
Branching Factor for Different Numbers of Tri-Functional Branch Units per Molecule (23).
RTS games are a genre of video games that are notoriously difficult for AI techniques (Buro 2003) since, compared to traditional board games such as Chess or Go, they have a very large state space and a very large branching factor. Additionally, these games are executed in real time, which leaves little time to decide a move, and they are often nondeterministic and partially observable.
The branching factor of games like Chess or Go has been estimated to be about 35 and 180, respectively.
The key idea is that a major roadblock in games like StarCraft is the very large branching factor. If we can define a simplified version that removes this branching factor altogether, we would be able to skip this problem and focus on many other important research problems that are right now impossible to work on because of the branching factor.
If the player does not recognize that it is made up of independent subgames, it is going to search a space in which the branching factor is the product of the branching factors of the individual games.