branchial pouch

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branchial pouch


A pocket or sac.

branchial pouch

Pharyngeal pouch.

Broca pouch

See: Broca, Pierre-Paul

colostomy pouch

Colostomy bag


Douglas cul-de-sac.

Heidenhain pouch

See: Heidenhain, Rudolph P.

hepatorenal pouch

Hepatorenal recess.

Kock pouch

, Koch pouch See: Kock pouch

laryngeal pouch

A blind pouch of mucosa entering the ventral portion of the ventricle of the larynx.

pharyngeal pouch

Any of a series of five pairs of entodermal outpocketings that develop in lateral walls of the pharynx of the embryo. Synonym: branchial pouch

Prussak pouch

See: Prussak, Alexander

Rathke pouch

See: Rathke pouch

rectouterine pouch

Douglas cul-de-sac.

rectovesical pouch

A fold of peritoneum that in men extends downward between the bladder and rectum.

Seessel pouch

See: Seessel pouch

vesicouterine pouch

A downward extension of the peritoneal cavity located between the bladder and uterus.
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Unlike the predominantly longitudinal orientation of the scales on most of the body, at least some of the scales covering the pharyngobranchial region have an oblique long axis, being aligned anterodorsally to posteroventrally (Figs 5A, B, 6D) in a manner that suggests that the branchial pouches or row of branchial openings was also oblique, as it is in anaspids (Blom et al.
The thymus commonly shares its origins with the inferior parathyroid glands, both endodermic derivatives of the third pair of branchial pouches.
Branchial cysts arise from isolated remnants of branchial clefts or branchial pouches.
The branchial pouches of the primitive pharynx are the endodermal companions to the four ectodermal clefts first noted in the human embryo by Von Baer in 1827.