aortic arches

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a·or·tic arch·es

a series of arterial channels encircling the embryonic pharynx in the mesenchyme of the pharyngeal arches. There are potentially six pairs, but in mammals the fifth pair is poorly developed or absent. The first and second pairs are functional only in very young embryos; the third pair is involved in the formation of the carotids; the fourth arch on the left is incorporated in the arch of the aorta; the sixth pair forms the proximal part of the pulmonary arteries.
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The range described in our study was similar to that described in vascular ring preparations between the ranges of [10.sup.-8] to [10.sup.-6] M (coronary, celiac mesenteric, central aorta, efferent branchial artery) in trout (Olson and Villa, 1991; Small et al., 1990) and in the ventral aorta in sharks (Evans and Gunderson, 1998a, b).
[32] proposed unilateral IIA embolization followed by endograft main body deployment in the ipsilateral EIA; via branchial artery a covered-stent deployed into the cannulated contralateral IIA excluded the aneurysm sac, followed by ligation of the nonperfused EIA and FFBP.
Each separated ventral aorta (SVA) has one afferent branchial artery and ends in the anteriormost (1st) GP.
Each arch has a corresponding branchial artery and nerve.
Their brachial analysis of the subjects showed the amenorrheic women had a 1% dilation of the branchial artery compared with 7% dilation for both the oligomenorrheic and eumenorrheic women.
Informal discussions with residents suggest that many of them are unaware of the special risks involved in brachial artery sampling and that some use the branchial artery as the primary site for obtaining arterial blood gases.