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Our comparison framework focused on comparing the SDFSM to a popular branch prediction technique (bimodal) using 2-bit saturating counters with branch prediction table sizes ranging from 256k- to 16k-entries.
Each branch prediction table entry contains an FSM, which can be either the SDFSM or a 2-bit saturating counter.
The average speedup for SPECint95 was 9.9% for perfect branch prediction and 6.2% with the combining predictor.
Figure 29 compares the number of instructions per cycle (IPC) for three different configurations, all with combining branch prediction and decode width of four.
Although our initial work focused on improved branch prediction through path profiles rather than on efficient profile collection, path profiling was the key insight that enabled us to improve static branch prediction accuracy.
-- We provide a heuristic overpruning method for automatically and effectively tuning the SCBP space-time trade-off to match the cache and branch prediction structure of the target processor.
A brief overview of the well-known counter-based dynamic branch prediction schemes is presented in section 2.
Note that unlike speculative execution based on branch prediction, which seeks to tolerate the effect of control dependencies and schedule instructions in the manner they are presented by the program's dataflow graph, speculative execution based on value prediction attempts to exceed the dataflow graph limits.
In this article, we propose a new technique for program-based branch prediction based on a general approach that we have invented, called Evidence-based Static Prediction (ESP).
Section 5 presents an analysis of SMT's effect on the memory system and branch prediction hardware.
Most implementations of the PowerPC Architecture implement some form of branch prediction in order to minimize potential delays associated with control flow instructions.