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Are we so brain-washed by New Labour's wish for fair play towards women that a boyish off-the-cuff comment knocking my sex gently assumes the importance of a national disaster?
and don't forget or be brain-washed that there are no bad side effects.
These young soldiers are committed to what they are doing - they are smart, courteous and well disciplined but not brain-washed in any way.
The permissive society, together with Noddy Book theories imposed by brain-washed social scientists, has caused us to wallow in our current cesspool of moral, social and economic decadence.
Being brain-washed into thinking I mustn't leave it until the last minute before I make lists, order presents, buy cards when I see ones I like, stock up with wrapping paper and sellotape, check last year's candles have still got a wick and rack my brains as to what to buy Anna who doesn't need anything I can afford.
REGARDING the letter from Corporal Mikey Head , how naive, misconceived and brain-washed our troops are if his comments are anything to go by.
The child is being brain-washed even to the extent that maybe she is told her mother is no longer alive or is living in a different country and doesn't want her own daughter.
The Government has brain-washed a large majority of the people into thinking it is their fault that we are destroying our planet because of our carbon footprint, so they use this to tax us and we accept it?
The schoolyard prefect and his band of brain-washed brothers should learn quickly that they will never curtail the freedom of the Press so please stop trying lads.
There, he was brain-washed by religious extremists whose preaching convinced the group they were living in a godless society.
Dear Editor, -The self-same motley collection of pseudo-intellectual brain-washed cretins changed the name of Royal Mail, only to see it changed back again.
Bin Laden's brain-washed killers weren't even told of their own fate before they carried out his evil plan.