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After a second or two of lockjawed brain-freeze, he executed a brisk about-face and sprinted out of the bank.
Equal parts playful, sophisticated and engrossing, The Adjustment Bureau is like the first songbird of spring, signaling that the winter of our collective brain-freeze is over and it's safe to go back to the multiplex.
Our apologies to Joe Agrusa, the Supervalu direct store delivery receiver who created the third winning flavor combo, but brain-freeze prevented our panel from sampling his tasty-looking Joe's Italian Kiss ice cream creation.
Maybe people are thrown off by the notion that the Patriots don't even deserve to be in the Super Bowl, that they needed an official's brain-freeze in Foxboro to eke out a playoff victory over Oakland.
Despite sounding as if he has a brain-freeze from eating ice cream too fast, Allan earnestly cries out for