cerebral ischemia

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cerebral ischemia,

n the reduction or loss of oxygen to the cerebrum; prolonged ischemia may lead to cerebral infarction.


deficiency of blood in a part, due to functional constriction or actual obstruction of a blood vessel.

cerebral ischemia
brain anoxia.
myocardial ischemia
deficiency of blood supply to the heart muscle, due to obstruction or constriction of the coronary arteries.
renal ischemia
severe or prolonged ischemia causes irreversible renal failure and death from uremia. Called also ischemic nephrosis.
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9] CFU/mL for 6 weeks after brain ischemia reduced neuronal hippocampus damage and cognitive impairment in diabetic mice, which further supports the findings of the present study.
The report provides a snapshot of the global therapeutic landscape of Brain Ischemia
The report reviews key players involved in the therapeutics development for Brain Ischemia and enlists all their major and minor projects
failed to confirm the hypothesis according to which the cannabinoid CB2 receptor agonists should improve the condition of neurons in rats after brain ischemia [5].
While we use brain ischemia as our case study of inductive biomedicine, the template we derive below holds for other biomedical fields such as heart ischemia, traumatic brain injury, epilepsy, diabetes, acute kidney injury, cancer, and other complex disease states.
From this it may be concluded that the brain ischemia was more likely to have been caused by MCA vasospasm and not by the "mass effect" of the hematoma itself.
Brain ischemia is profoundly debilitating, inducing the release of excitatory amino acids with subsequent receptor activation leading to calcium influx, metabolic and electrophysiological dysfunction and oxidative stress (including lipid peroxidation).
According to the company, GMOL is a prescription medicine used to treat brain ischemia and infarction, coronary heart diseases, memory dysfunction and other neurological disorders in China.
Their topics include how clinical reality should instruct stroke modeling, focal cerebral ischemia in the mouse and rat using the intraluminal suture-filament model, photochemical and endothelin models of focal brain ischemia, noninvasive brain imaging in small animal stroke models with MRI and PET, behavioral testing in mouse models of stroke, ethics of modeling cerebral ischemia in small animals, and statistics in experimental stroke research from sample size calculation to data description and significance testing.
Medics involved in Andrew's care told the inquest how medical staff became concerned that Andrew may have developed brain ischemia, damage caused by a lack of oxygen.
Deep brain ischemia leads to a shortage of metabolites.
About 85% of strokes involve brain ischemia whereas the other 15% involve a brain bleed.

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