Brain Gain

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An increase in the number of highly skilled intellectual and technical workers due to those workers relocating from a less favorable environment
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com/summerinfographic to help other parents and children turn summer brain drain into summer brain gain.
But while each of these populations hypothetically would see their youth populations bloom, based on their Potential Net Youth Migration Index scores, they would not see a similarly large influx of educated workers, based on their Potential Net Brain Gain Index scores.
Besides CHI, all other loser regions have distinctively high emigration rates among the highly skilled, which are also the characteristics of the regions that are less likely to enjoy brain gain according to Beine, Docquier, and Rapoport (2008).
Roughly speaking, three different periods are identified: brain drain (1950-70), brain gain (1970-97), and brain competition (since 1997).
Interims for Development is another recent initiative designed to reverse the flow of skills and to focus on brain gain rather than brain drain.
Even in a model of high-skilled migration where there is no "brain circulation", receiving nations are the recipients of a brain gain.
Brain Gain gum contains a substance manufacturers say is more effective than herbal gingko biloba in reversing simple memory loss.
Through its fun and educational Summer Brain Gain program, Boys & Girls Clubs of America (BGCA) aims to prevent summer learning loss and keep kids on track for the coming school year.
Wellbeing and daily emotion correlate with some of the most important societal outcomes, such as community attachment and brain gain (acquiring and retaining top talent).
The Downtown Alliance issued findings in an original research report, The Brain Gain, revealing dramatic population growth among high-value professionals living within a 30-minute commute of the Lower Manhattan Central Business District.