Brain Fog

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A condition that affects all ages and which is characterised by confusion, decreased clarity of thought, and forgetfulness. It can lead to minor depression and, per some, crime and delinquency. Despite its frequency, it is not regarded as a 'real’ condition
Aetiology BF can be triggered by physical, psychological and per some, biochemical and spiritual factors including, allegedly, adrenal exhaustion, food and chemical reactions, nutritional deficiencies, stress, depression, or denial
Management Proper sleep hygiene, counselling, meditation, good diet, exercise
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Brain fog, trouble concentrating and low motivation to focus
Celebrities yadder on about it (look up Gwyneth Paltrow's jade eggs - actually, on second thoughts, don't) while showbiz doctors offer their white-toothed Hollywood advice and high-flying career women give interviews on how they cope with kids and jobs and brain fog (usually courtesy of a nanny).
brain fog or have seasonal affective disorder or depression, try a light box (or sunlamp).
"If depression, anxiety, or brain fog is hanging around no matter what you do, it's time to figure out what's going on with your gut.
While other foods drain energy, leading to fatigue, sleepiness, and brain fog.
As my brain fog faded, I remembered the earlier injury and wondered if I'd done more damage than I'd thought.
"It can feel like a constant flu, the smallest exertion can floor us, our bodies are painfully sore, restful sleep eludes us, light and noise are intolerable, and 'brain fog' causes confusion."
With in-depth testing and balancing of the adrenals, thyroid, brain chemistry, gut, and sex hormones, she has successfully helped thousands of men and women reverse chronic problems such as fatigue, brain fog, weight gain, and depression and regain focus, stamina, drive, and optimal mood and energy.
This is not helped when things like achey joints, tiredness and brain fog can also be simply chalked up there is your and probably a to signs of ageing.
Psychologist Dr Megan Arroll, co-author of The Menopause Maze says: "Don't take things personally: the anxiety, brain fog and sleep disruption associated with the menopause may be causing some out-of-character behaviour like a short temper and mood swings -- but once symptoms are under control, she'll be back to herself."
Erica suffered perimenopausal symptoms including night sweats, tiredness, brain fog and mood swings.