Brain Gain

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An increase in the number of highly skilled intellectual and technical workers due to those workers relocating from a less favorable environment
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The Potential Net Brain Gain Index is calculated with a similar approach and measures the potential net change to the adult population with four or more years of education after high school or the equivalent of a bachelor's degree or higher.
However, the incentive effect on human capital formation of better migration prospects for the highly skilled (or the brain gain effect) eventually benefits all regions, enhancing resident human capital by maximally 2%-3%.
Brain gain refers to the increase in expected return on education.
Greater stability over the last decade, the linking of the continent to high-speed broadband, international investment, and concerted efforts, such as those being made by Lagos in Nigeria, to turn themselves into attractive places for the world's largest corporations to base themselves in, is beginning to turn Africa's brain drain into a brain gain.
The role of the sending country takes on new dimensions with increasing brain gain strategies.
Together with Unesco, HP plans to connect major universities in the Middle East to the Brain Gain Initiative -- a network of 20 universities benefiting from grid and cloud computing technologies and the expertise of researchers from around the world.
We expect them to have a significant positive economic and societal impact, for example through job creation and brain gain.
Sunwoong Kim, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, "Brain Drain, Brain Gain, and Brain Competition: Changing Employment Opportunities and Career Patterns of U.
Research is controversial regarding the brain drain, brain gain and brain overhang.
As we reform our governance structures and economies, promoting more transparency and economic opportunities, I think we are on our way to turning the so-called brain drain in Africa into brain gain," he said.