Brain Gain

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An increase in the number of highly skilled intellectual and technical workers due to those workers relocating from a less favorable environment
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The Potential Net Brain Gain Index is measured on a scale of -100 percent, or the total population of highly educated residents would leave to infinity, or the potential inflow of this highly educated group is unlimited and depends on the number who want to move in from around the world.
'That is why we are more likely to observe the brain gain effect in nursing in the Philippines.'
Brain gain: claims about its size and impact on welfare and growth are greatly exaggerated.
Extension of Model to Allow for Examinations of Brain Drain and Brain Gain
Certain terms such as "brain gain" and "brain trust" have also entered the domain.
Zafar Ullah Chaudhry said that working on the philosophy of Brain Gain and not Brain Drain, we had signed an MOU with Ireland and we are sending our postgraduates for two years training there in our International Training Programme.
We have great merit based scholarships for our students to retain best of brains in the country by following 'brain gain and no brain drain'." In this context, Mr Minister also shared about Global Research Interactive Network (GRIN), under which Indian students will be provided scholarship and opportunity to work with reputed foreign laboratories and would have liberty to come back to India and continue with their research.
I have a dream that a projected "brain gain" will rule over the enduring Lebanese "brain drain."
Over the course of the series, Callum tries to win over Dieter before he is tortured by the oer BRAIN GAIN: Dieter and her re secret service, or America or Russian get their hands on him.
Such diasporas could play their role in reversing and preventing the brain drain by converting it into brain gain through brain circulation.