Brain Fog

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A condition that affects all ages and which is characterised by confusion, decreased clarity of thought, and forgetfulness. It can lead to minor depression and, per some, crime and delinquency. Despite its frequency, it is not regarded as a 'real’ condition
Aetiology BF can be triggered by physical, psychological and per some, biochemical and spiritual factors including, allegedly, adrenal exhaustion, food and chemical reactions, nutritional deficiencies, stress, depression, or denial
Management Proper sleep hygiene, counselling, meditation, good diet, exercise
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The benefits of exogenous pure therapeutic ketone supplementation may include: fat loss, fast & sustained energy, reduced brain fog, increased awareness, increased focus, appetite suppression, assistance in abdominal fat loss, strength gain, better mood, decrease in inflammation, better sleep, better digestion & gut health, and clear skin.
I felt constant fatigue and exhaustion and I had a brain fog that made it difficult to think clearly.
But there is a limit as to how much we can manage, and for increasing numbers of us, they're symptoms of a wider problem: brain fog.
Dr Mike Dow believes that brain fog is |a new epidemic, and gives hints about how to deal with it in his new book, left | Dr Mike Dow believes that brain fog is |a new epidemic, and gives hints about how to deal with it in his new book, left
I have joint pain and severe brain fog and feelings of unreality and at times anxiety.
Pregnancy-induced brain fog - often referred to as baby brain - commonly describes a woman's forgetfulness during pregnancy.
We may as well turn into health and fitness fanatics and avoid at all costs the turmoil of brain fog and utter obliteration after a night on the drink.
Mental and physical fatigue, brain fog, and insomnia were other complaints.
Fanda Labs, San Juan Capistrano, CA, has introduced a convenient five-calorie energy pack, Driv, designed to help athletes improve performance, accelerate recovery, and decrease brain fog, dry mouth and dry skin.
In the event of a reaction, he experiences hives, bone and muscle pain, brain fog, constant nausea and extreme fatigue.
Consuming gluten causes leaky gut syndrome, allowing for the bad pathogens to make their way up to the brain, causing brain fog and worse.
I'm also free of the mid-afternoon brain fog I used to get, and have lost a few pounds without trying.