Brain Fog

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A condition that affects all ages and which is characterised by confusion, decreased clarity of thought, and forgetfulness. It can lead to minor depression and, per some, crime and delinquency. Despite its frequency, it is not regarded as a 'real’ condition
Aetiology BF can be triggered by physical, psychological and per some, biochemical and spiritual factors including, allegedly, adrenal exhaustion, food and chemical reactions, nutritional deficiencies, stress, depression, or denial
Management Proper sleep hygiene, counselling, meditation, good diet, exercise
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Key warning signs are tiredness, brain fog, thinning hair and feeling cold constantly.
After all, who wants to deal with brain fog when we get older?
Summary: Governments need to look at all dimensions of technology, with a focus on the grey brain fog area, says Karuna Gopal
As a stand-up comedian and actor, a comedy show was the obvious way to tackle such tricky subjects as constipation and brain fog.
Whether you're suffering from hot flushes, sleepless nights, brain fog or mood swings, new book The Hot Flush Freedom Challenge aims to banish your menopause symptoms in just 10 days
The strong medication she was prescribed led to increased brain fog amongst other side effects.
To protect the plant, says Gundry's book jacket, lectins "incite a kind of chemical warfare in our bodies," causing everything from digestive problems, weight gain, and high cholesterol to arthritis, brain fog, and adult acne.
No subject is taboo: The book takes on body temperature, weight gain, hot flashes, sleeplessness, night sweats, incontinence, dryness in intimate places and brain fog.
Although I occasionally slip backwards, I now know and understand the exact causes of my joint pain and brain fog.
Chill is a calming Indica; Hustle is an energy boosting Sativa; and Zero is a hybrid with THCV, a component known to suppress appetite, fight brain fog, and help regulate blood sugar.
Dr Lawson notes that the symptoms - as well as generalised chronic pain and fatigue, things like brain fog, stiffness, digestive disturbances, anxiety and depression and mobility issues are common - can be vague and "complex", and "there isn't a simple diagnostic test.