Brain Drain

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A popular term for the migration of highly trained and/or skilled workers, especially physicians and scientists from underdeveloped countries to countries that offer better working conditions and/or lifestyles
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World Bank report (2010; John Gibson, DavidMcKenzie) discusses the economic consequences of "Brain Drain" of the best and the brightest.
Writing about China's Brain Drain, Welch and Zhen (2008) note that: "Traditionally, it has been argued that the loss of significant numbers from this elite group, through brain drain, represents a major and permanent loss to the country of origin, which invested so much of its limited capital on their education.
Olumide and Wilfred see brain drain happening when skilled professionals from a country (mostly poor countries) migrate into other countries (mostly richer countries) to practice their profession and benefit these countries economically.
The term "brain drain" appeared in the report of the London Royal Society in the year of 1963.
The migration of high level expertise is known by several nomenclatures that include brain drain, brain circulation, and less so brain haemorrhage (Teferra, 2000).
That is brain migration, also known as brain drain in the specialized literature.
Immediate measures need to be taken to stop brain drain or human capital flight, which is on the rise in Pakistan.
'This House recommends that the government should take immediate steps to stop brain drain from the country,' said the resolution.
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"Brain drain", in simple terms, is defined as the large-scale emigration of skilled individuals.
BEIRUT: At a time when brain drain poses one of Lebanon's biggest social and economic threats, Hyundai called on local tech entrepreneurs and innovators to participate in a first-of-its-kind startup competition that would spur a wave of brain gain.