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Braille is the main source of communication for a blind child and it helps him in his studies.
Irfan Siddiqui said the availability of braille books at NLP will facilitate blind persons through catering their educational needs.
Speaking on the occasion, first blind journalist of Pakistan, Syed Sardar Ahmad Pirzada said that inauguration of Braille Book Corner in the month of January has a great relevance as Louis Braille who was a French educator and inventor of Braille was born in this month.
An FDA spokesman, responding to an information request from Pharmaceutical Processing, said that the agency "would be open to reviewing braille labeling on a drug product if a sponsor were to submit for review," pointing to the drug Hetlioz that was "previously approved by the FDA with braille labeling for brand name and strength.
This year, by moving the Braille Challenge to the USC campus, we were able to offer the 50 finalists and their families their first taste of what college life will be for them," said Sergio Oliva, MPA, Director, Programs and Services at Braille Institute.
The microcontroller reads the SMS character through the AT commands and immediately converts the letters of the SMS in to the Braille language by using the lookup table which stored in its memory.
Reading motivation trends among students who read braille mirror those of their print-reading peers.
With the advent of text to speech technology on computers, tablets and phones the need for Braille could be seen to be declining, but there are many scenarios where speech isn't suitable; such as a very noisy or quiet environment, or where privacy is needed.
Special Education (SPED) teachers can obtain for their pupils the Braille versions of textbooks specified by the DepEd through official written requests to PPHB or letters from partner organizations such as Resources for the Blind Inc.
He said the first prototype using a Braille screen that can display text messages and names would be ready in the next six months, with a "smartphone" incorporating maps and GPS technology part of his future plans.
La produccion de partituras a traves de programas de edicion musical en Braille es relativamente reciente.
The head of Ibsar, Tawfiq Bulu, said the organisation currently has 507 registered members who can read braille, and 667 registered vision-impaired individuals who cannot read braille but can read regular text in enlarged fonts.