coitus reservatus

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sexual union by vagina between male and female; usually applied to the mating process in human beings. adj., adj co´ital.
coitus incomple´tus (coitus interrup´tus) coitus in which the penis is withdrawn from the vagina before ejaculation, a widely used but unreliable method of contraception.
coitus reserva´tus coitus in which ejaculation of semen is intentionally suppressed.
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co·i·tus re·ser·va·'tus

coitus in which ejaculation is postponed or suppressed.
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co·i·tus re·ser·va·tus

(kō'i-tŭs rez-ĕr-vā'tŭs)
Sexual intercourse in which ejaculation is postponed or suppressed.
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coitus reservatus

Coitus with intentional suppression of ejaculation.
See also: coitus
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