Brady Bill

US congressional legislation that required a person to wait 5 business days from the time of application to the purchase of a firearm
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The budget also includes $100 million to fund the mandates under the newly enacted Brady bill law.
They continue to fight the Brady Bill and oppose legislation to regulate gun sales.
The Brady Bill - the anti's admitted "foot in the door" - is now law.
Until three months ago when the Brady Bill took effect annual license fees were $10 per year, with a three year license fee set at $200.
The text below his picture implores Americans to support the so-called Brady Bill, which would impose a nationwide, seven-day waiting period for handgun purchases.
There appears to be little certainty that the Clinton administration or the 103rd Congress will be eager to enact legislation curbing handguns - although the Brady Bill could pass.
1993 WIMG President Abbe Land stated, "Women have made a difference on the political landscape this year, especially in terms of having impact on the Brady Bill.
By the time spring arrives, the Brady Bill will be the law of the land.
No sooner had the Brady Bill been signed into law than the anti-gun forces made it crystal clear they consider Brady just the first of a series of anti-gun bills they hope to push through Congress.