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Edward H., U.S. orthopedist, 1848-1926. See: Bradford frame.
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One headline in The Daily Mirror featured a photo of Princess Margaret with the headline "Margaret Sees Gay Sex Ballet Shocker." City officials in Bradford, England, tried unsuccessfully to ban the production, and the Bristol Evening Post called Bintley "the Quentin Tarantino of the ballet world." But Bintley, who frankly states that the ballet "is a very sexual and violent piece" and rates the show "not suitable for children," has been vindicated by Edward II's overwhelming critical and commercial success.
James died in virtual poverty in Bradford, England, twelve years ago.
He traveled from Bradford University in Bradford, England, to spend several weeks analyzing the waste and recyclable collection system at Lake City Sanitation and Recycling, which is owned by Kendrick Ketchum.
Sales and engineering functions are headquartered in Indianapolis, Ind,, and manufacturing locations include Asheville, N.C., Campinas, Brazil, and Bradford, England. This group accounted for approximately 37 percent of the company's business in 1997.
Most gripping is the footage of a fire that broke out in the stands during a 1985 soccer game in Bradford, England, and razed the stadium in less than ten minutes, killing thirty-eight people.
I was in Bradford, England, about 18 months ago and it had an impressive Kodak Museum of Photography and an Imax theatre.
This book examines the experience of multi-ethnic coexistence in the inner-city area of Bradford, England, focusing on Manningham.
Born in Bradford, England, he moved to Ireland to become an Assistant Professional at Royal County Down Golf Club before rising from the Irish professional ranks to the Challenge Tour and then to The European Tour.