Braden scale

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Braden Scale

an assessment tool for predicting the risk of pressure ulcers, based on the total of scores given in the categories sensory perception, moisture, activity, mobility, nutrition, and friction and shear.

Braden scale

[Barbara Braden, contemporary U.S. nurse]
A validated assessment tool commonly used to quantify a patient's degree of risk for developing a pressure ulcer. Each assessment parameter is measured on a scale from high risk of 1 to low risk of 3 or 4. The parameters include sensory perception, moisture, activity, mobility, nutrition, and friction and shear, with a possible total score range of 4 to 23. The lower the total score, the higher the risk for pressure ulcer development. Patients are at risk for developing pressure ulcers if the total score is less than 17. Patients need to be assessed on a regular basis.

Patient care

For optimal risk assessment the scale should be used repeatedly.

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Based on the exposed, this study aimed to evaluate the risk of developing PU and factors associated through the Braden scale, validated in Brazil, in the elderly aged 60 or older, living in LTI in medium-sized municipality in Southern Brazil.
The audit found those most likely to have a fluid deficit as being slightly older than the average resident, with a high Braden Scale for nutrition, weighing more than the average resident (if they weighed more they needed more fluid) and more likely to be confused and agitated.
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The Song and Choi scale was developed based upon the theoretical background of the Braden scale and its validity has been verified.
Nobody reassessed her--they did the Braden scale and that's it.
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BRADEN SCALE FOR PREDICTING PRESSURE SORE RISK Patient's Name () Evaluator's Name () Date of Assessment () SENSORY 1.
The Braden Scale is an adult risk assessment instrument.
At the study facility, the Braden scale has been utilized to assess patient risk for skin breakdown.
Studies have used measurement instruments such as the Braden scale to look at such variables as immobility, incontinence, nutrition, etc.