Brachy Boost

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The administration of lower dose (10–25 Gy) implantable radiation (e.g, with 192Ir to treat the local field—e.g., breast, prostate, oral cancer) in addition to external beam radiation of 45–70 Gy
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The guidelines state that radiation can be given with external beam radiation delivered via a 3D-conformal or intensity-modulated radiotherapy (IMRT) technique, with brachytherapy boost for some tumors where the anatomy permits.
The Merseyside-based cancer centre has been using a brachytherapy boost treatment for patients who have high risk prostate cancer.
Chris Lee, consultant clinical scientist and head of brachytherapy physics at The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre, commented: "This dual modality treatment has proved extremely successful to date as it gives patients the additional, highly targeted brachytherapy boost to help improve the chances of controlling the disease, while at the same time reducing the dose delivered to the normal surrounding tissue.
The brachytherapy boost treatment has recently had its first annual review, and the promising results mean it can now be taken to the second phase, making the process readily available for an increasing number of patients.
Is single fraction 15 gy the preferred high dose-rate brachytherapy boost dose for prostate cancer?
An eight-year experience of HDR brachytherapy boost for localized prostate cancer: Biopsy and PSA outcome.
4) However, a large proportion of the recurrences are local (about half) so there is a rationale for adding a brachytherapy boost.
Is single fraction 15Gy the preferred high dose-rate brachytherapy boost dose for prostate cancer?
Results of high dose rate afterloading brachytherapy boost to conventional external beam radiation therapy for initial and locally advanced prostate cancer.
5] and two looking at delivering biologically higher doses using a brachytherapy boost.
Randomised trial of external beam radiotherapy alone or combined with high-dose-rate brachytherapy boost for localised prostate cancer.