brachial fascia

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brach·i·al fas·ci·a

the deep fascia surrounding the arm; it is continuous proximally with the pectoral fascia and the fascia covering the deltoid; distally it is continuous with the antebrachial fascia.
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The lower edge, in close relationship to the axillary fascia, continued distally towards the brachial fascia. In the other hand, a thin fascia extended laterally from the upper edge.
Subcutaneous fat and brachial fascia was incised along the same line and care was taken to protect the cephalic vein.
For example, there are expansions of pectoralis major muscle to the brachial fascia, continuing via lacertus fibrosus and biceps muscle to the antebrachial fascia and flexor carpi radialis, then to the flexor retinaculum, and finally to the palmaris longus muscle connecting to the fascia of the thenar eminence [13].
It originated from the ribs or the costal cartilages or the aponeurosis of the external oblique muscle (Samuel & Vollala), and it inserted into the medial epicondyle of the humerus and to the brachial fascia, medial intermuscular septum or medial aspect of the humerus (Spinner et al., 1991).
Examples of this type of fascia are observed in the limbs and are observed as fascia lata, crural fascia, brachial fascia, and antebrachial fascia.
A longitudinal incision along the midaxillary line was made from the coracoid process to the upper third of the forearm, which involved skin, subcutaneous tissue and brachial fascia. Subsequently, the muscular structures of the anterior compartment of the arm and the nerves derived from the lateral and medial cords of the brachial plexus were dissected.