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Brachial Artery ultrasound Normalization of Forearm Flow. A trial using high-resolution ultrasound to compare 4 antihypertensive agents’ effects on endothelial function—brachial artery flow-mediated vasodilation (FMD)—in patients with coronary heart disease (CHD).
CHD patients had significantly impaired FMD (6%, n = 80), compared to normal subjects (11%, n = 40); quinapril was associated with significant improvement in FMD; ACE inhibitors appear to differ in their ability to alter vascular endothelial function.

Randomised, partial-block, cross-over, open label; 80 patients.
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city in Alberta in the Canadian Rockies.
Banff Classification - internationally accepted standard for assessment of renal allograft biopsies; first agreed upon at meeting in this city in 1991.
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