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Camillo, Italian physician, 1845-1920. See: Bozzolo sign.
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ANDREA'S Serving made-from-scratch pasta and perfectly prepared meats and seafood, all reflecting chef Andrea Bozzolo's home in Piedmont, Italy.
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Arianna Bozzolo et al., of the Grape and Wine Institute at the University of Missouri, Columbia, examined rootstock/irrigation interactions and their effects on vine water status, yield and wine quality.
El primer capitulo presenta la propuesta de Giuseppe Colombo y ya ha sido publicado con anterioridad; la voz mas personal de Bozzolo y la revision de su pensamiento se encuentran a continuacion en los capitulos 2 y 3.
"Le latin etait la langue maternelle des Romains: La fortune dun argument a la fin du Moyen Age." In Preludes a la Renaissance: Aspects de la vie intellectuelle en France au XVe siecle, edited by Carla Bozzolo and Ezio Ornato, 265-282.
Along with the performers, and for the first time in the world, a bronze sculpture comes to life: "Bozzolo" (Cocoon), on the most famous Rabarama's operas.
In fact, the development of new feeding and fattening systems for growing lamb is often based on factors such as protein content, and fatty acid profile in muscle tissue (ROWE et al., 1999; BOZZOLO; BOUILLIER-OUDOT, 1999; MADRUGA et al., 2008; VELASCO et al., 2004).
"The women were seen stepping up on to the plinth of the monument and taking off their skirts," the Sun quoted prosecutor Eise Bozzolo as saying.
Both in its experiments with geographical analysis and in its use of quantitative analysis across large manuscript corpora (drawing on the work of Carla Bozzolo and Ezio Ornato), this volume offers a variety of exciting and challenging new approaches to the study of vernacular manuscripts.