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Frank, 20th-century British biochemist. See: Dickens shunt, Warburg-Lipmann-Dickens-Horecker shunt.
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Although I have never worked with Boz, I did once meet him, during the Eighties, abeach party in Sydney, Australia - along with Bob Hope!
BOZ also noted that central banks in emerging markets and some developed markets tightened monetary policy in order to moderate the effects of capital outflows, following the US Federal Reserve's decision to reduce the quantity of monthly bond purchases.
In this paper, the limitations of the previously designed controller by Sari and Boz [16] have been improved.
The format of the night has house band Cabin Down Below play hosts (and they include Boz's son Austin, who is also the contributing editor of Rolling Stone magazine).
Grammy Award winning artist, Boz Scaggs, and his band will hit the road in 2013, performing the best known songs of his career.
LAHORE, March 18, 2012 (Frontier Star): Pakistan is fast attaining the status of Business Opportunity Zone (BOZ) for potential foreign investors because it is not only the energy sector where investments would earn rich dividends but huge untapped mineral resources of worth trillion dollars are a great attraction for them.
"The loss of value is typically as a result of high inflation rates over a prolonged period of time and the high denominations that characterise the existing currency are a consequence of high inflation rates that Zambia experienced over a long period of time," observed Kanguya Mayondi, Bank of Zambia's (BoZ) head of public relations.
Sketches by Boz was a work by which famous 19th century author?
Cratos Premium Hotel is the biggest investment ever on the island, worth of $220 million, Boz Group's vice chairman, Murat Bozoglu, told a press meeting in Istanbul.
ROCKAVON (of the Sunday Mail) Today's nap: VIRTUAL (2.40 Newbury) Tomorrow's nap: AKBABEND (4.40 Ripon) KLONDYKE SAM SHARP (1.30 Newbury) TASTAHIL ( 2.05 Newbury) BOZ (3.30 Newmarket) POT LUCK Newbury placepot 1.30 - 9, 12; 2.05 - 1; 2.40 - 8; 3.10 - 7, 9; 3.45 - 3, 12; 4.20 - 4.
3.30 Newmarket Sporting (50:30:20:10) 15-18 Boz, 11-14 Sevenna, Mighty Moon, 8-11 Night Crescendo, Wine 'N Dine, Taikoo, 6-8 Presbyterian Nun, Record Breaker, Victoria Montoya, Dayia, 5-7 Young Mick, Neve Lieve, 1-3 Sereth.