Boxing Gloves

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Any form of handwear designed to limit the physical impact of fisticuffs between combatants
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Mr McEvoy tweeted the picture of him and Lord Elis-Thomas wearing boxing gloves with the message "we're ready for her".
Every one of them brings you closer to the people who lived here nearly 2,000 years ago, but the hairs stand up on the back of your neck when you realise you have discovered something as astonishing as these boxing gloves." Conditions at Vindolanda mean normally-perishable objects such as leather and wood survive.
"It was an amazing season for finds, but the boxing gloves are extra special," said Patricia Birley, former director of the Vindolanda Trust and now working on conservation and research at the site.
"The boxing gloves would be wonderful to have," visitor Sandi Bishop, who flew in from North Carolina for the event, said.
Leonard Ellerbe, the chief operation officer of Floyd Mayweather Promotions, voiced out his frustrations about the decision by Maidana's camp to use custom-made powder blue boxing gloves manufactured by Everlast.
Bring your boxing gloves: Amsterdam company Emio Greco I PC's theatrical work ROCCO is staged inside a boxing ring, putting audiences just feet away from Emio Greco and Pieter C.
The 23-year-old wore sunglasses, boxing gloves and a yellow-and-black boxing uniform.
There's the small dog (Alfie, by name) who goes everywhere with her and is running about chasing his pink fluffy bear among the punch bags and boxing gloves. And there's the hair stylist, the make-up artist and the nail technician, all working together for a very, very long time (and then again for a very, very long time between each shot) to get her photo ready.
A PAIR of vintage boxing gloves found in a car boot sale have sold for pounds 1,232.
A pair of vintage boxing gloves signed by Randolph Turpin, the legendary World Middleweight champion and Bruce Woodcock, the British, Empire and European Heavyweight champion have sold at auction for pounds 1,232.
"If someone beats them up with just boxing gloves and without any knives, it will humble them.