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An adjectival descriptor for a periodically interrupted series of elongated structures with parallel lateral sides
Cardiovascular pathology Boxcar nuclei are typical of hypoxic myocytes, which follow ischaemic insults
Forensics Columns of intravascular blood, interrupted by air in the small blood vessels and capillaries of the brains in scuba divers dying of air embolism due to rapid ascent and intravascular expansion of gases
Microbiology ‘Boxcar’-like organisms are arranged in long parallel chains of bacteria in an end-to-end arrangement, which is characteristic of Clostridium perfringens, Bacillus anthracis
Mycology Arrangement of arthrospores of Geotrichum spp, Trichosporon spp and Coccidioides immitis (alternating bands of pigmentation frequently cause rudimentary bodies) arthroderma have also been described in Fusarium solani hyphae stained by safranin; Geotrichum spp have a hockey stick-like appearance
Ophthalmology A boxcar pattern occurs in vascular stasis with segmentation of the venous column—of blood in the retinal vein—after central retinal artery occlusion
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Depending on the circumstances, a shipper could save between 5 and 25 percent by using the boxcar service versus trucking.
BNSF Railway is excited to provide rail service for McKay TransCold's new dedicated refrigerated boxcar unit train between the Chicago area and the Central Valley of California as a supply chain solution to shippers who will benefit by moving fresh and frozen products by rail," said Dave Garin, BNSF group vice president, industrial products.
Preservationists are now raising money to purchase, restore and move the boxcar to the Kern County Museum in nearby Bakersfield, which is just under a two-hour drive from Los Angeles.
When I meant trainloads, they were in coaches not boxcars like ours were treated.
About 90 per cent of the subjects pulled a switch to reroute the boxcar, suggesting that people are willing to violate a moral rule if it means minimizing harm.
Travelling inside a boxcar may be exhilarating, or numbing, and it can be dangerous for several reasons: if there's freight in what's called a "lumber gondola" it can move unexpectedly, crushing people; authorities are on the look-out for unwanted passengers, though sometimes the engineers turn a blind eye to their presence; tunnels also pose risks.
The song, which was written by Maurice Soye and which is also contained on Boxcar Brian's new album, I'M JUST ME, pays tribute to John Beattie and Seamus McMahon of the Mainliners band.
n Draw for Friday's final: 1 Striking Dream 2 Ravenswood Ross 3 Count Corleone 4 Boxcar Rocky 5 Amidus Laura 6 Great Lakes (w).
Each boxcar can transport four truckloads of produce.
Designers see the polka-dot boxfish as the perfect shape for a new boxcar - described as 'bionic' because it will combine technology and biology.
According to MOD, 104 containers stack into a single boxcar.
On April 22, 1892, the new state of Wyoming hanged seventeen-year-old Charley Miller for the murders of two young men riding with him in a Union Pacific boxcar.