Box Plot

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A visual display that summarizes data using a 'box and whiskers’ format to show the minimum and maximum values (ends of the whiskers), interquartile range (length of the box), and median (line through the box)
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Caudal stripe variation: Box plots used to visualize variation in the characteristic downward sloping caudal stripe of this species (Fig.
The important investigation is the periodicity obtains in the radioactive decay of Americium-241 that is equivalent to one of the outlier as identified by the Box plot.
Cluster analyses, box plot, histogram, x and y graphs, overlapping graphs and expansion--compression graphs were generated in PAST ver.
Moderate positive correlation was shown by nickel as shown in scatter plot mentioned in figure: 3 (d) whereas box plot given in figure 2 (d) shows that broad distribution of nickel in mentioned study area.
The voiding percentage on the ground pad of QFN/BTC component at U314 was measured using the laminography x-ray system, and the results shown as box plots in FIGURE 8.
Poverty rate analysis using LISA and box plots help policy makers understand the shifting spatial pattern of poverty in metropolitan areas.
Figure 2 displays a box plot of PCT levels with H1N1 positive (n=8) and negative cases (n=2) without secondary bacterial infections.
Para a descricao desses dados estatisticos, utilizaram-se graficos, inclusive Box plot, uma abordagem relativamente recente, mas extremamente vantajosa por exibir u\m resumo confiavel de toda a serie de dados em estudo.
FIGURE 2 shows the box plot of transfer efficiency (TE) for the top half of the board.
Figure 4 shows a box plot of the average vapor pressures for the five monitored locations in each home.