Box Plot

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A visual display that summarizes data using a 'box and whiskers’ format to show the minimum and maximum values (ends of the whiskers), interquartile range (length of the box), and median (line through the box)
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Each box and whisker plot is placed on a graph, where the horizontal axis represents the year and the vertical axis represents the percent error.
Example 1 in the shaded box titled "Structure of Box and Whisker Plots," is a simplified illustration of the box and whisker plots that follow.
Figure FE5 shows the box and whisker plots for residual fuel oil production and jet fuel production.
Figure FE7 shows box and whisker plots for distillate and residual fuel oil stocks, and again, most of the 2007 MFW estimates for distillate fuel oil stocks underestimated the final PSA values, with one outlier in December 2007 (-4.41).
Figure FE8 shows the box and whisker plots for jet fuel stocks and propane stocks.
Figure FE9 shows the box and whisker plots for crude oil imports.
Figure FE11 shows the box and whisker plots for residual fuel oil imports and jet fuel imports.
Some of the new features include Rainbow, EWMA (exponentially weighted moving average) and Poisson EWMA control charts; box and whisker plot for managers; serial device interfacing that allows two-way I/O using device command strings; viewing of engineering drawings in both JPG and BMP format; and much more.
In math class, the fifth-grade students used this data to review mean, median, mode, range, and box and whisker plots. They then graphed the data daily, so each class would know how close they were to meeting their goal.
One of the many useful insights in the chapter on graphs is a discussion about the source of possible confusion inherent in boxplots (box and whisker plots), due to the inverse relationship between the sizes of the boxes and the density of the data points that they represent.
Figures FE4 and FE5 contain the box and whisker plots for motor gasoline and distillate fuel oil production, and residual fuel oil and jet fuel production, respectively.
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