Bowman probe

Bow·man probe

a double-ended probe for the lacrimal duct.
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Bow·man probe

(bō'măn prōb)
A double-ended probe for the lacrimal duct.
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Sir William, English ophthalmologist, anatomist, and physiologist, 1816-1892.
Bowman capsule - the expanded beginning of a nephron. Synonym(s): glomerular capsule
Bowman disk - disk resulting from transverse segmentation of striated muscular fiber treated with weak acids, certain alkaline solutions, or freezing.
Bowman eye knife
Bowman gland
Bowman iris needle
Bowman iris scissors
Bowman lacrimal dilator
Bowman lacrimal probe
Bowman membrane - Synonym(s): anterior limiting layer of cornea
Bowman muscle - Synonym(s): ciliary muscle
Bowman probe - a double-ended probe for the lacrimal duct.
Bowman space - the slitlike space between the visceral and parietal layers of the capsule of the renal corpuscle. Synonym(s): capsular space
Bowman strabismus scissors
Bowman theory - that urine is formed by passive filtration through the glomeruli and secretion by the epithelium of the tubules.
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Following induction of anaesthesia, the upper and lower puncti were dilated and the lacrimal system probed using '0' or '00' gauge bowman probe. Following successful probing, silicon intubation tube with 'olive tip' (Eagle lab.USA) was introduced through each punctum and retrieved from the nose using an intubation hook.