Bowman membrane

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anterior limiting lamina of cornea

a transparent homogeneous acellular layer, 6-9 mcm thick, lying between the basal layer of the outer of stratified corneal epithelium and the substantia propria of the cornea; considered to be a basement membrane.
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an·ter·i·or e·las·tic lam·i·na of cor·ne·a

(an-tēr'ē-ŏr ĕ-las'tik lam'in-ă kōr'nē-ă)
A homogeneous, acellular tissue layer just beneath the epithelium of the cornea.
Synonym(s): Bowman membrane, Bowman layer, lamina limitans anterior corneae.
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Bowman membrane

The thin homogeneous membrane separating the corneal epithelium from the corneal substance. Synonym: anterior elastic lamina; Bowman lamina
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Sir William, English ophthalmologist, anatomist, and physiologist, 1816-1892.
Bowman capsule - the expanded beginning of a nephron. Synonym(s): glomerular capsule
Bowman disk - disk resulting from transverse segmentation of striated muscular fiber treated with weak acids, certain alkaline solutions, or freezing.
Bowman eye knife
Bowman gland
Bowman iris needle
Bowman iris scissors
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Bowman lacrimal probe
Bowman membrane - Synonym(s): anterior limiting layer of cornea
Bowman muscle - Synonym(s): ciliary muscle
Bowman probe - a double-ended probe for the lacrimal duct.
Bowman space - the slitlike space between the visceral and parietal layers of the capsule of the renal corpuscle. Synonym(s): capsular space
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Bowman theory - that urine is formed by passive filtration through the glomeruli and secretion by the epithelium of the tubules.
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