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Donald James, 20th-century Canadian physician. See: Bowie stain.
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Another notable collectible, Sam Houston's personal Bowie knife, went down to the hammer for a record-breaking knife sale of $297,000.
In March 2003, PC Robinson, together with PC Helen Hunter, were part of a team executing a search warrant at an address in Sunderland when they were confronted by a 16-year-old youth with a six-inch Bowie knife. After a struggle he was finally disarmed.
7) Damien Petrick gives all his attention to crafting a very special Bowie knife. Page 61) The assembly area of Schrade's factory is one busy place!
Another basket has a buzz-cut blond soldier in dress uniform with an American eagle shield on his arm, and a machine gun, pistol, Bowie knife, `grenades, truncheon and handcuffs.
Several times he was assaulted, once with a bowie knife, his life was threatened, and oftentimes was ridiculed (181).
Instead, he had it put out of its misery by another member of the party, who used a bowie knife to slit the bear's throat.
One with a three to four inch blade is actually easier for most people to use than a big Bowie knife. If you use a folding knife, a locking blade is a good safety feature.
Accoutered with a childlike patriotism and a homemade Bowie knife, Woodcock was initially a member of the Gamaliel (Monroe County) Home Guards in Kentucky.
He fondles a bowie knife with which he could either pleasure or kill himself.
The Bowie knife, according to popular legend, was invented by Col.
He is hunkered down, Joe Aliff, hacking at the swollen base of a red oak tree with a Bowie knife, and I am practically in tears.
For our 20th wedding anniversary Yvonne presented me with a beautiful Damascus Bowie knife handmade by our friend Steve Brooks.