Bowen Moves

Bowen Moves, the core of the Bowen Technique, Bowen moves are gentle pressures and stretches applied to soft tissue in specific sequences and procedures using the therapist's fingers and thumbs. See also technique, Bowen.
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Research now shows that the lightest touch upon skin has a channel of communication right through to bone - which is why significant changes can be seen with the application of Fascia Bowen moves.
For me it provided good revision of all basic Bowen moves as taught by the Bowtech organisation and the author provides his own insight into why they work and some fine detail of particular moves.
He or she then utilizes the Bowen moves to release that stress, allowing the body to reset and heal itself.
Newport strengthen their side, particularly in defence, and Darren Waters comes in on the flank, while Gareth Bowen moves back from fly-half to full-back.
Primarily, Bowen moves are made directly on muscles (although some moves are also performed on tendons, ligaments, joints and nerves), but because all these structures are surrounded by a network of fascia, it is inevitable that whatever structure is activated, the fascia that surrounds it (and is integral to it), is affected at the same time, albeit with slightly different physiological effects.
Occasionally, Bowen moves involve a fast release of pressure, which affects the Pacini receptors (involved in proprioception), but these types of move are rare.
On a more structural level Bowen moves affect the Golgi receptors (found in myo-tendinous junctions, ligaments and the deep fascia) by using slightly more pressure and longer holding times, and by working close to origins and insertions.
Scar tissue that is raised and red responds to Bowen moves by becoming visibly less fibrotic and less inflamed quite quickly.
Techniques are comprehensively described and the accompanying illustrations clearly indicate the direction of Bowen moves.
Another insight the author is able to provide, on the basis of his training and clinical practice, is correlations between Bowen moves and acupuncture points, which could underpin valuable augmentative knowledge in many therapeutic contexts.