Anne, 20th-century U.S. chemist. See: Sherman-Bourquin unit of vitamin B2.
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The bus was carrying students aged 11-15 from the Christian Bourquin school in the village of Millas, near Perpignan in southern France.
The bus was carrying the students from the Christian Bourquin secondary school at Millas to their homes in two villages, Saint Feliu d'Amont and Saint Feliu d'Avall.
The book also found a more formal educational application when Superintendent and Inuktitut grammarian Theodor Bourquin used it as a basis for Biblical instruction and published a guide with questions and answers to each story.
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47) "La programacion de la lectura no se limita a la fijacion de un marco; el narrador dota continuamente el texto de senales que orientan el lector en su trabajo de desciframiento", y esas senales se denominan balizas (Marguerat y Bourquin, Como leer los relatos biblicos.
Bourquin, "Calibration of building thermal models using an optimal control approach," Energy and Buildings, vol.
In tandem, researchers from the team of Jean-Pierre Bourquin (University Children's Hospital, ZA1/4rich) transplanted the leukemic cells in mice and established a "humanised mouse model", an invaluable tool for testing therapeutic response.
com)-- Scott Bourquin recently hit two Amazon best-seller lists with the book, "Success Today.
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Bourquin, Defender of the Rule of Law offers plenty of insights into the history and role of federal judges in the early 20th century American west, analyzing the major issues they faced in the evolution of frontier justice and considering how one judge, in particular, defended individual liberty.
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