Boundary Violation

A disruption of the barrier between a professional and the client, e.g., a reversal of roles in the relationship between a doctor and a patient
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Boundary Violation Kyon Ki (2005), Spell Bound (1945), Prince of Tide (1991), 12 Monkeys (1995), The Jacket (2005).
And did Breitz's real-life therapist's decision to emerge from her office and participate in Treatment represent a transgressive element in the work, constituting a boundary violation (as certain psychoanalytic traditions would see it) in service to art?
A less obvious boundary violation, though, is one that is the most pervasive yet often under recognized and underappreciated.
I apologized but subsequently felt embarrassed about the boundary violation I had inadvertently committed.
In weighing whether a barter proposal constitutes a potentially helpful boundary crossing as opposed to an ill-advised boundary violation, clinicians may benefit from considering both ethical principles and also various ethical decision-making models.
A professional boundary violation, for example, can occur when a nurse posts a picture and the outcome of a surgical procedure for the patient he or she cared for that day on his or her Facebook page.
We have established different mechanisms to address the issue of boundary violation," a senior official said.
After reinforcing the boundaries, it is helpful for group leaders to bring the person making the boundary violation back into the group and redirect group members to do their own work.
There appears to have been a complete lack of recognition of the seriousness of the boundary violation and a culture within the nursery where explicit sexual references in conversation were the norm.
The supply to NATO forces stationed in Afghanistan has been suspended since 30 September, when three soldiers were martyred by the firing of US helicopters and over the boundary violation.
This concept of 'pastoral space' is used to analyse four nineteenth-century Russian prose pastorals, focusing on the corrupting influence of boundary violation therein.