Foot Binding

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A custom practised on young girls and women for about 1,000 years in China, ending in the early 20th century, which resulted in lifelong disabilities for most of its victims
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Indeed, everything associated with the bound foot, including the sight of "three-inch lilies," the shoes (since the crippled feet were rarely seen au naturel), and the limp that resulted from the maiming were reported to excite the passion of Chinese men.
Yet the image of the bound foot itself was contradictory, at once ethereal and bestial.
There are human body parts in jars, including examples of Siamese twins and a Chinese bound foot, with specimens dating back almost to the college's founding in 1505.
Euphemized as the "golden lotus," "golden lily," "perfumed lily," "precious article," or "pure article," the bound foot was created by tightly wrapping young girls' feet with bandages in a specific manner which turned the four small toes under the sole and drew the arch toward the heel (fig.