lower lip

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low·er lip

the muscular fold bounding the opening of the mouth inferiorly.
Synonym(s): labium inferius oris [TA]
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told they could inject her bottom lip to even it up.
"My top lip was a lot bigger, while my bottom lip was touching my chin.
She was bitten on her mouth and had her bottom lip ripped off as she walked through an alleyway off Ellerton Walk, Park Village, Wolverhampton, shortly after 3.30pm on Friday, October 19.
It bit her on her mouth, ripping off her bottom lip. She will need extensive plastic surgery to repair her injuries.
A 'clearly drunk' Sarsfield punched Daniel Jackson, 24, once at the Cafe Stella bar in Leigh, Wigan, leaving him needing 15 stitches to his bottom lip and potentially scarred for life, magistrates were told.
He said: "Creating the perfect lip is all about what I call 'the Esho Ratio', meaning a defined Cupid's Bow and a 50/50 ratio between top and bottom lip. That's the ideal, although you vary it according to what you're starting with."
Lips Using your ring finger, dab the colour on to your cupid's bow and the fullest part of your bottom lip.
CNN quoted a criminal complaint as saying that Dorsey told officers that Rivera hit him in the head and on the bottom lip while they were taking their two-year-old son Josey for a walk down a street.
A spokesperson for Northumbria Police said: "Enquiries are ongoing into the assault that left the victim with broken teeth and stiches in his bottom lip. It has also been recorded as a hate crime.
All lobelia flowers have two lips - usually an upper lip with two lobes, with the bottom lip divided into three lobes.
But a toddler's world is a mysterious one as her bottom lip can prove, such a sad face she looks up at her Mom, and says she is sad.
There appears to be a lip on the bottom of the device like the one found on the G5 and there also seems to be a button on the right of the device that might be used to remove the bottom lip.