lower lip

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low·er lip

the muscular fold bounding the opening of the mouth inferiorly.
Synonym(s): labium inferius oris [TA]
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Lips Using your ring finger, dab the colour on to your cupid's bow and the fullest part of your bottom lip.
CNN quoted a criminal complaint as saying that Dorsey told officers that Rivera hit him in the head and on the bottom lip while they were taking their two-year-old son Josey for a walk down a street.
A spokesperson for Northumbria Police said: "Enquiries are ongoing into the assault that left the victim with broken teeth and stiches in his bottom lip.
All lobelia flowers have two lips - usually an upper lip with two lobes, with the bottom lip divided into three lobes.
But a toddler's world is a mysterious one as her bottom lip can prove, such a sad face she looks up at her Mom, and says she is sad.
There appears to be a lip on the bottom of the device like the one found on the G5 and there also seems to be a button on the right of the device that might be used to remove the bottom lip.
and the bottom lip and the next suddenly and the almost and the almost
The offender was a white man in his early 20s, around 5ft 10ins with piercings on his bottom lip and either side of his mouth.
I was unmoved till she stuck out her bottom lip and demanded: "What age were you when you got one?
Her bottom lip and right eyebrow were pierced and she was wearing a multi-coloured hat.
She grabbed hold of her bottom lip in her teeth and bit it badly," a prosecutor said in court.
30pm THERE were some massive blows struck in Thursday's first Twenty20 international and Joe Root's bottom lip was the recipient of one of them, writes James Milton.