Boston Strangler

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The name given by the media to one or more serial murderers who killed 13 single women between 1962 and 1964, most of whom were raped, then strangled, often with their own stockings (hence the alternative name, ‘the Silk Stocking Strangler’). While Albert DeSalvo confessed to the crimes, it is uncertain how many of the victims died at his hands. After breaking out of prison 2 years into his life sentence, he was caught and sent to a maximum security prison where he was stabbed to death six years later
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Franck Ribery (below) and Co are odds-on favourites, even though Bayern have a longer history of choking than the Boston Strangler, losing five of the last six European Cup finals they've contested.
Even the Boston Strangler would be afraid of the city's Old Town Trolley Ghosts and Gravestones Tour.
30am on a Sunday morning but I felt like I had entered Death Race 2000 as I merged onto the M53 and gingerly made my way back fifty miles taking care to get back into the inside lane as soon as I could, gripping the wheel like the Boston Strangler all the way.
It's nice to get a dose of unbridled fury, and this month it's the Boston Strangler EP Fire.
Some of the more impressive tricks in his arsenal included Scorpion Circle, Ralph Louie, High Chair Circles, Boston Strangler and Frogger Foot On Cage.
I'm alongside the Boston Strangler and on pages devoted to Nicole Kidman, which is nice.
As far as I'm concerned, fingering Buckfast for the problems affecting sections of Scottish youth society seems a bit like blaming doorbell manufacturers for the crimes committed by the Boston Strangler.
District attorney Monique Lamont turns to detective Win Garano for a second time to solve a decades-old murder, the killing of a blind woman that the DA believes was the work of the Boston Strangler 2010 ***
A serial killer, the self-styled "Pretender," learned his deadly craft at the feet of another character from past books, the Snow White killer, is responsible for 26 known deaths as the tale begins, and has in turn amassed several acolytes of his own, who at his behest have now begun killing sprees across the US mimicking famous, or infamous, serial killers of years past: the Boston Strangler, the NY killer known as the Son of Sam, and the Zodiac Killer.
Actor Montgomery Clift's niece murdered and castrated her lover here in the 60s - the same decade as the Boston Strangler picked off some of his 13 victims in the area.
The star recalls his roles in films including Some Like it Hot, Spartacus and The Boston Strangler, and reveals his passion for artwork and painting.
He was also in The Vikings and Spartacus, alongside Kirk Douglas, and portrayed both Harry Houdini, the famous escapologist, and Albert De Salvo, the notorious Boston Strangler.