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Abbreviation for base of support.


a genus of cattle of the family Bovidae which includes buffalo, bison and many other wild ruminants.

Bos banteng (Bos javanicus, Bos sondaicus)
a member of the wild cattle group of the family Bovidae. Brown or black with white stockings and rump patch.
Bos gaurus
a long-horned, dark-colored with light belly and stockings, wild cattle. Tall, 6 ft at shoulder, and unsuited to domestication.
Bos indicus
the zebu species. Called also Brahman (USA), Afrikaner (Africa). They are much prized for their hardiness in hot climates and because of their resistance to tick infestation. They have been crossbred extensively to produce new breeds including Santa Gertrudis, Brangus, Droughtmaster, Braford.
Bos mutus
see yak.
Bos taurindicus
crossbred zebu and British breed cattle, usually as more or less fixed breeds with an official studbook.
Bos taurus
the common domestic cattle of Europe. Docile and productive they represent man's most effective symbiosis with animals. They provide draft, meat, milk products, leather and many by-products.
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The identified Bos indicus and Bos taurus specific alleles were investigated whether they can use for the discrimination of DNA markers between Hanwoo and imported beef samples in Korea.
What are the hidden costs of BOS, including EPC margins, land, labor, security, grounds and medium voltage?
The acquisition of Summit allows BOS to offer a diversified supply chain solution to major international aviation and aerospace manufacturers, and provide BOS' Mobile and RFID solutions platform to the U.
Penalties: Miller, Bos (hooking), 2:03; Vermette, Pho (hooking), 2:44.
BOS has always been an early adopter of information technology.
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In addition, BOS agreed to enter into a lock up agreement, restricting the transfer of its share holdings in Qualmax and in New World, for up to two years.
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Adiv Baruch, President and CEO of BOS added: "this is definitely a strong show of support by shareholders who participated in the meeting, in management's strategy.
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The securities offered pursuant to the prospectus would be offered in Israel only, by BOS and not by any selling shareholder, have not been and will not be registered under the U.